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Dressed in Holiday Style

Hey everyone! Hope the holiday season is treating you well so far! Today I’ve got a look to show you, that’s perfect for the office or a holiday party. Here we go!


This outfit includes one of my favorite ways to style clothes: pattern mixing, or in this case, pattern matching. Its hard to tell in the photo but the pants have a subtle tone on tone polka dot on them as well. And these pants are so comfy! They are the Pixie pants from Old Navy (which is a style I absolutely LOVE) and for some reason the fabric of these are even more comfortable than the other pairs I own. This is a look I would wear to the office or to a work holiday party. In fact, I did wear it to work! Its dressed up with still having the casual comfort of pants and a cozy sweater. I even threw on my favorite pair of Christmas earrings that I got a few years ago from Kohl’s. You can see them in the pic below.


Outfit details: Polka Dot Tank Top – Target, Cardigan- Target, Pants- Old Navy (these are navy but very similar), Shoes – Old Navy (old) similar


What’s your favorite style for the holidays? Thanks for reading!!





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December Daily Set Up and Day 1


Warning: photo heavy post ahead! To be quite honest I’ve been a bit anxious about starting my December Daily album. Perfectionism has set in, especially with seeing all the beautiful albums people have made in the past. But I made myself get started and my album will be what it will be. I don’t print my photos at home so unfortunately I’m not able to complete an entire spread each day.  I’m probably going to stop my album at the 25th so I’ll have the last part of December to finish everything up (and because I have the whole last week of the month off, it shouldn’t be a problem). I’m continuing my Project Life through December, so if anything exciting happens during that last week I’ll record it there. I’m going to make my December Daily more detailed, and my Project Life will be more of a “highlights reel”, which is pretty much how it is anyway.


I’ve been loving using the Crate Paper Falala collection, and I’ve already used a lot of the paper, stickers, and ephemera. The front of my title page uses all of the colors I plan to incorporate into the album.


For the back I did more of a black and white theme and added a bit of green because I liked how the plaids looked together.


This page is my “reason why” page. I pretty much detailed my reason in my last December Daily post, so check that out if you haven’t yet! And, yes, I haven’t completed the December Bucket List card; that’ll get done eventually.


dd tag

And here is December 1st! Its a pretty simple spread, but I’m loving the lighter shade of green with the pops of red.

day one

If you’re doing December Daily, how is it going so far? Let me know in the comments!






Decorating the Christmas Tree


Hello lovelies! Its finally the most wonderful time of the year! I know a lot of people begin the Christmas season the day after Thanksgiving or even November 1st, but to me it doesn’t really feel like Christmas time until it hits December. I actually started decorating a little early this year, adding holiday touches around the house, but the tree didn’t get put up until December. As you can probably tell from the photo I have a #tinytree, which I’ve been doing for years, and honestly this isn’t my only one (I also have a pink one, but when they’re only $8 at Target why not have a few?). Most of the ornaments I used were from the Sugar Paper line at Target. I think they work perfectly for small trees! I added several of my favorite ornaments, including some Disney and Wizard of Oz ones. My newest, gorgeous, Wizard of Oz ornament from Hallmark took the position front and center of the tree.




I also added a few small holiday touches around my bedroom. I always end up making little decor spots around my dresser, and Christmas time is no different. I added some bottle brush trees (my favorite) from Michaels to make my dapper dinosaur salt and paper shakers a bit more festive.


As you can probably tell I like my decor to be fun and not too serious. How would you describe your decor style? Leave me a comment and let me know!




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December Daily 2017 Plans


If you hang around the scrapbooking area of instagram or facebook, you probably know that December Daily is big. Like HUGE. If you’re unfamiliar, generally the idea of this album is to share a story from each day in December. Some people choose to do the days leading up to Christmas and stop at the 25th, while others choose to document the entire month. I’ve also heard lately more and more of people planning to do more of a December Memories album and not force themselves to be so committed to the day by day documenting.

I’ve never done a December Daily. Really I’ve never done a mini album (except for making travelers notebook spreads here and there). Last year I gave the idea a chance, but ultimately decided because it was my first year doing Project Life, and usually I don’t have a very exciting December, that I wasn’t going to do a separate album for the month. This year, however, I’m up for the challenge! I haven’t completely decided if I’m going to document the whole month or just until the 25th, but I figure I can kind of decide that as I go.

I’m choosing to do this album for two reasons: first, the challenge, and second, to bring joy back to December to me. I think the first reason is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s go over the second. December has always been tough for me. My father passed away in early December when I was quite young. When I was younger, I would still get excited about Christmas, decorating, seeing lights, and Christmas songs on the radio. My large extended families from both my mom and dad’s side got together, usually  both on Christmas Eve. It was a long, but very fun, night. But the older I’ve gotten, the more things have dwindled down. My extended families don’t really get together anymore so typically Christmas is just my mom and me. Christmas time just doesn’t feel as magical. So this year I’m hoping that by setting the intention to make this album, and with that having the intention to try to find something joyful in everyday, that my December and Christmas season is a happier time for me.

So let’s talk about supplies. I’m going to be using bits and pieces from a few different December lines: Crate Paper Falala, Feed Your Craft Comfort and Joy, and Felicity Jane Joy. The cut apart sheet from the Crate Paper collection has really been my main inspiration for the colors and feel I want to the album and I’ve coordinated everything else with it.

The inspiration piece for this album.
How adorable are the die-cuts from Feed Your Craft?!
Lovely Felicity Jane cards. 


So let’s get started with December! I’m excited to see how this goes!



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Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 8.25.56 PM

Starting an Easy shop has been something I’ve had in mind for a while but never actually got around to doing. Well I finally bit the bullet and opened a shop. It’s called Holiyay! Decor and right now only has a couple of printables listed but I’m hoping to add some banners and other decor in the near future!

You can check out the shop here.



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Delightful Day at the Fair

7472A8DE-AEAF-470E-94A3-744F5FA520A8I’ve had this layout in mind for a while now. I originally planned to use a smaller version of this photo in a travelers notebook layout, and as I began to layer papers behind it, and my idea grew, I felt it deserved a full page layout. I still absolutely love the Carousel collection from Crate Paper and liked the idea of using the kites with this photo, as it was from Fair St. Louis in Forest Park. I had already fussy cut and stitched some of the kites when I originally planned to make the layout, but months passed and I ended up finishing a lot of the kites all in one day. I decided to use them as sort of a “kite banner” at the top of the page.


I layered papers from the carousel collection behind my photo and used some of the emphemera from the collection as well.


Then came the Heidi Shine debocal. The page was already quite busy but it felt like it needed a little something else to tie the whole page together. So out came my Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Sweet Mint. For some reason it didn’t splatter as well as it usually does and ended up mostly grouped in one area. And then I dropped the sprayer and smudged it on the page. 😑 I did a little bit of crafty covering up with some gold heart and star stickers and I think overall the layout still works.

Have you experienced any scrappy accidents? How do you deal with those situations?




Top Netflix Picks – November 2017


I love Netflix. Don’t you? Over time I’ve seen Youtubers and other bloggers share their top Netflix picks and I decided to join in on the fun. Originally this was going to be a top 10 list, but I decided five would be enough because I had a lot to say about each choice, and some of the choices actually contain more than one show/movie/etc. so let’s get into it!


5. Once Upon a Time: This one could have been combined into a category later on, but because there are six seasons on Netflix with the seventh currently airing I thought it deserved its own spot. This show is one of the most creative I’ve seen on network television in a long time. The writers have taken all of our favorite fairytales (and some other works of literature) and twisted and turned them and combined them in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  This show crosses our world with the fairytale realm, all because of a curse cast 28 years ago. If you were a fan of Lost, you may want to give this one a try. Some of the same writers work on this show and you’ll definitely see some faces you recognize. Plus if you loved the flashbacks and seeing the characters’ back stories in Lost, Once Upon a Time won’t leave you disappointed.

4. Iliza Shlessinger Comedy (War Paint, Freezing Hot, Confirmed Kills): This one’s probably not for the kiddos, although I do feel that Iliza is a lot less vulgar than a lot of comedians. I’ve watched a lot of comedy specials on Netflix, and Iliza’s are by far my favorite. She’s smart, she discusses dating, relationships, and the dynamics of men and women, all while making you laugh hysterically. Freezing Hot is my favorite, but all three of the specials are definitely worth a watch.

3. Anything Disney/Star Wars/Marvel: You probably have heard that Disney is going to start its own streaming service, but as of right now we have quite a few options on Netflix. From animated faves like Mulan, Hercules, and Moana (my personal top pick), to many of the recent live action films (including Beauty and the Beast), and even some Disney Channel flicks, there’s something for every Disney lover at the moment. Right now Rogue One is the only film in the Star Wars franchise available (other than the Clone Wars) but if I had to guess, The Last Jedi will make its way to Netflix in a few months after it’s release.  And if you’re an Avengers fan, you can currently catch Civil War, Dr. Strange, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

2. NBC Comedies (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Friends): I have learned over the years that NBC knows how to make a great half-hour comedy show. Parks and Rec is probably my favorite show of all time. I’m such a fangirl for Amy Poehler so that’s one thing I love about this show, but the cast as a whole and the way the characters are written is just phenomenal. I also really like how the relationships between couples on this show seem realistic (except for maybe Jerry and Gail. Lol). The Office will have you rolling on the floor laughing one minute at all the shenanigans Michael and Dwight get into, and have you hating yourself the next because you’ll begin to feel like you’ll never find a love like Jim and Pam (we’ll stay hopeful though!). And what can I say about Friends? Such a classic. If you haven’t ever watched it, just do it. You won’t regret it.

1. STRANGER THINGS: My number one, top choice, is of course, Stranger Things. I feel like if you follow me on social media, nothing about this choice is surprising. I actually didn’t jump on the Stranger Things bandwagon right away; to tell you the truth, I was afraid to watch the show. I had heard it referred to as horror and that the monster (aka the demagorgon) was terrifying. Sorry if this is a spoiler, but when I finally decided to grow up and watch the show this past summer, I never really found the monster, or the show scary. Suspenseful? Yes. Terrific? Absolutely. But scary? No. This show has the most fantastic cast, great music, and a storyline that just sucks you in. Honestly I think I liked season 2 even better than the first, and that’s saying something.


So those are my picks! If you took the time to read this I’d love to hear what you’re watching!