Rock the Dots!

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Today, January 22nd, is National Polka Dot Day!! Its also the day we celebrate Miss Minnie Mouse and Rock the Dots!! Polka dots are one of my favorite things to wear, so of course I had to put together an outfit. I should mention this outfit is much too spring-y for right now, but you might spot me wearing in the parks in less than a month!!

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This dress is an older one in my closet that I found at Charming Charlie on clearance. It was polka dotted and one of my favorite colors?! Of course I had to get it (I haven’t been able to find anything that looks a lot like this dress online, but this one is also really cute and has a similar fabric). My jacket was a more recent purchase from Target (similar) and its super cute with the “Hello Sunshine” embroidery.

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This pin is one of the newest to my collection and when I saw it, I couldn’t not buy it. The colors, the design, the saying, it was just perfect! Its from Be Magical Studio. 


And that’s my outfit! I really can’t wait to break out super fun outfits like this at Disney World, and at home once it finally warms up!






Project Life 2018 Plans

I’m currently in the process of wrapping up my 2017 Project Life album and my December Daily so I thought this would be a great time to share my 2018 plans (its also the beginning of the year, so obvious, yeah…).


9×12 again: I really loved this size album. My first year (2016), I did 12×12 which felt pretty overwhelming to me a lot of times. 9×12 was more comfortable for me, I like that there are lots of options for using 3×4 photos and journaling cards, and I just like the look of the page.

Bright, bright, bright!: I think this was my original plan last year but that sort of immediately got away from me. I love bright colors, bright journaling cards and papers, and my favorite layouts last year were the really colorful ones. So expect a lot of color in 2018!

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A Disney Album: I know I’m going to take 8000 photos when I go to Walt Disney World (next month!!) so its definitely going to need its own album. I’ll be using 9×12 for this too. I’ll also include a spread in my regular Project Life album of my favorite photos from the trip.

More curated photos: Seeing as this is my third year doing Project Life, and frankly my life hasn’t changed a ton over those 3 years, I don’t feel the need to document every little thing. So that means throwing out the idea of weekly or monthly spreads and more just documenting what I have to document. I’m going to focus on taking better photos and things that are different, and of course, any big events will still get documented.

Probably no December Daily: I had fun taking all of the photos for my December Daily, and I loved my supplies, but putting the album together is another story, well a story I’m still working on. I almost feel like I came to resent having to work on this album and I just wanted to get it done! Because of that, I don’t feel like I’m able to create my best work. With already knowing I’m going to have two large albums going this year, I don’t know if I want to put that extra pressure on myself. December is 12 months away, though, so we’ll see!

How are you documenting 2018? Are you doing Project Life or something else? Let me know!




2018 Goals


New year, new goals, right? I should mention this isn’t an exhaustive list of my goals for the year. There are a couple that are more personal that I’m going to keep off the internet for now. But here are the rest!

1. Be a better blogger – I want to blog more – I’m hoping for twice a week a least. I’d like to increase the content on the blog. I’d love to do more home decor posts, diys, and other crafty things besides just scrapbooking (though that’s also not going anywhere). I would also love to incorporate more fashion and style related posts into the blog, though that may have to wait until we’re at least in double digit temperatures. 
2. Improve my health – I know everyone says this, but it is so important. I’m turning 30 this year and I think now more than ever I really need to focus more on eating healthier foods and exercising regularly. I know I tend to let things get in the way like the desire for comfort foods on a bad day or my back injury flaring up (which is usually a legit reason to not workout) but I need to focus on what’s best for my body because it’s the only one I have. 
3. Have the best time at Walt Disney World – I’m going to Disney World!! For the first time since I was 5! I’m really not concerned that I’m not going to have a good time. What I am concerned with is staying in the moment. I don’t want to be so caught up in photographing every little thing that I don’t actually enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t want to be concerned with trying to do everything while I’m there, because it’s just not possible. And I don’t want to be fretting about the trip being over and having to go home when the trip has barely begun. Basically, I just need to be mindful. 
4. Maybe be slightly less attached to my phone – Anytime I find myself slightly bored, I’m reaching for my phone, which really isn’t healthy at all. I check instagram way to often, I look at Facebook overtime I get a notification, and if I start playing a game, its hard to stop. There are so many better things I could be doing, so I just need to find ways to limit these habits.
So those are my goals! What do you want to accomplish this year? Do we have any of the same goals? Let me know!